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Methodology in data integration:

1. Robust angle-based transfer learning in high dimensions

     [2023 ASA Young Investigator Award]

     [LinkGu T, Han Y, Duan R

     2022 -- ArXiv

2. A transfer learning approach based on random forest with application to breast cancer prediction in underrepresented


    [Link] Gu T, Han Y, Duan R

     2023 -- In Proceedings in Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing (PSB) 2023


3. COMMUTE: Communication-efficient transfer learning approach for multi-site risk prediction

     [Link] Gu T, Lee PH, Duan R

     2023 -- Journal of Biomedical Informatics

4. A synthetic data integration framework to leverage external summary-level information from heterogeneous populations

     [2022 ASA Student Paper Award]

     [Link] Gu T, Taylor JMG, Mukherjee B

     2022 -- Biometrics

5. A meta-inference framework to integrate multiple external models into a current study 

      [2021 ASA Student Paper Award]

    [Link] Gu T, Taylor JMG, Mukherjee B

     2021 -- Biostatistics

6. Synthetic data method to incorporate external information into a current study

    [Link] Gu T, Taylor JMG, Cheng W, Mukherjee B

     2019 -- Canadian Journal of Statistics

7. Informing a risk prediction model for binary outcomes with external coefficient information

    [Link] Cheng W, Taylor JMG, Gu T, Tomlins S, Mukherjee B

     2019 -- Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series C (Applied Statistics)

Association analysis in COVID-19-related outcomes and vaccine effectiveness:

8. Characteristics associated with racial/ethnic disparities in COVID-19 outcomes in an academic health care system

    [Link] Gu T, Mack JA, Salvatore M, Prabhu Sankar S, ..., Fritsche LG, Mukherjee B

     2020 -- JAMA Network Open

9. History of coronary heart disease increases the mortality rate of COVID-19 patients: a nested case-control study

    [LinkGu T, Chu Q, Yu Z, Fa B, Li A, Xu L, Wu R, He Y

     2020 -- BMJ Open

10. Estimating COVID-19 vaccination Effectiveness using electronic health records of an academic medical center in 


    [Link] Roberts E, Gu T, Mukherjee B, Fritsche LG

     2022 -- American Journal of Preventive Medicine Focus

11. A phenome-wide association study (PheWAS) of COVID-19 outcomes by race using the electronic health records data in 

      Michigan Medicine

    [Link] Salvatore M, Gu T, Mack JA, Prabhu Sankar S, ..., Fritsche LG, Mukherjee B

     2020 -- Journal of Clinical Medicine

12. Potential risk factors for COVID-19 outcomes and the changes in their impacts over time during the

      pandemic: a follow-up analysis

    [Link] Yu Y, Gu T, Fritsche LG, Valley TS, Mukherjee B

     2021 -- Epidemiology and Infection

13. Perceived effectiveness of public health measures and positive attitudes during a pandemic: a large cross-sectional

      study in Shanghai, China

    [Link Chu Q, Gu T, Li A, Chen J, Wang H, Liu N, Wu R, He Y

     2021 -- BMJ Open


14. Patterns of repeated diagnostic testing for COVID19 in relation to patient characteristics and outcomes

    [Link]  Salerno S, Zhao Z, Prabhu Sankar S, Salvatore M, Gu T, Fritsche LG, Lee S, Lisabeth LD, Valley TS, Mukherjee B

     2020 -- Journal of Internal Medicine

Disease progression modeling & survival analysis in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD):

15. Causes of and clinical features associated with death in tobacco cigarette users by lung function impairment

      [LinkLabaki WW, Gu T, Murray S, Curtis J, Soler X, Wells JM, Bhatt SP, Han MK

     2023 -- American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine

16. Radiographic graft surveillance in lung transplantation: prognostic role of parametric response mapping

      [Link] Belloli EA, Gu T, Vummidi D, Lyu DM, Combs MP, Chughtai A, Murray S, Calban CH, Lama VN

      2021 -- American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine

17. Hypersensitivity pneumonitis: radiologic phenotypes are associated with distinct survival time and pulmonary

      function trajectory

      [Link] Salisbury M, Gu T, Murray S, Gross BH, Chughtai A, ..., Martinez F, Flaherty K

      2019 -- Chest

18. Voxel-wise longitudinal parametric response mapping analysis of chest computed tomography in smokers

      [Link] Labaki WW, Gu T, Murray S, Hatt CR, Galbán CJ, ..., Martinez FJ, Han MK

      2019 -- Academic Radiology

19. Serum amino acid concentrations and clinical outcomes in smokers: SPIROMICS metabolomics study

      [Link] Labaki WW, Gu T, Murray S, Hatt CR, Galbán CJ, ..., Martinez FJ, Han MK

      2019 -- Scientific Report

20. Heterogeneous burden of lung disease in smokers with borderline airflow obstruction 

    [Link] Pirozzi C, Gu T, Quibrera P, Carretta E, Han M, Murray S, ..., Kanner R, Paine R III

     2018 -- Respiratory Research

21. COPDGene 2019: Redefining the diagnosis of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

      [Link Lowe KE, Regan EA, Anzueto A, Austin E, Austin JHM, ..., Gu T, et al.

     2019 -- Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases

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